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This event has passed. Check back soon for next year's dates!
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  • Beach Music Series

This concert series has grown to become a favorite Thursday evening activity, drawing patrons from all across the state to North Hills to enjoy the most famous beach bands around. With the best band line-up yet, this 7th season is sure to be a fantastic one! Remember, best parking for this event is located in the CapTrust Tower!!

2014 Band Line-up!

April 17 – The Embers featuring Craig Woolard
April 24 – Sleeping Booty

May 1 – Liquid Pleasure
May 8 – Band of Oz
May 15 – North Tower
May 22 – the Fantastic Shakers
May 29 – the Tams

June 5 – the Embers featuring Craig Woolard
June 12 – Hip Pocket
June 19 – Holiday Band
June 26 – Ken Knox and Company

July 3 – Jim Quick and Coastline
July 10 – Steve Owens and Summertime
July 17 – Legacy Band
July 24 – North Tower Band
July 31 – Entertainers

August 7 – Liquid Pleasure
August 14 – the Embers

Sponsored by:  Thompson Buick GMC CadillacWRAL.comMix 101.5, Bud Light LimeBig Wave Golden AleLongboard Island LagerDTZ: A UGL Company

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.k.stephenson Mary Kuhns Stephenson

    When are ya’ll going to post the 2013 schedule?

  • Harry Jones

    Yeah, what she said…


  • Sylvia Alzaga

    Please wr need the schedule for the beach concerts. : )

  • Joy

    When will the 2013 schedule be posted for the Midtown Beach Music

  • Nancy Dye

    here’s the link on WRAL.com with the performance schedule


  • TONY

    you need to book a band called YACHT ROCK REVUE. THEY WOULD FIT IN VERY WELL AT THIS VENUE.

    • http://twitter.com/gogoraleigh gogoraleigh

      They are fantastic…only problem is that they aren’t Beach Music. They are all the rock from the late 70s (Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Pablo Cruise, even some Commodores). I’m not sure the genre mismatch is a big problem, though, as the audience is likely the same.

  • Dana

    Sleeping Booty performing May 30 2013

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Martinson/735672948 Andrew Martinson

      Isn’t that an old porn movie? “Sleeping Booty”

  • ggg

    when does the music begin? 6:00?

  • John Houston

    Are coolers welcome?

  • Jolean

    Are there tshirts for this event?

  • George

    You really ought to consider running it an additional 4-6 weeks in the fall, the temperature is still warm, and its not so stifling hot.

  • WakeCoFam

    Writing to confirm that Sleepin Booty is still on for June 6th?

  • Patrick Gravinese

    Hello, given the weather, will there be beach music tonight?

  • Mother of Two

    Is beach music cancelled tonight, 23 May 2013 due to thunderstorms?

  • Mark

    Is this still on ?? One of your sponsors sent out a mass text saying it was cancelled

  • Buddy

    Is it canceled tonight since there are storms coming in?

    • Mike

      I want to know too.

  • Mike

    So what happens if it keeps raining?

    • NCPatriot27615

      wow… if it keeps raining, we’re in for a LOT of water. whew…. what are the chances of that? . . . someone ask Fishel.

  • eh

    has anyone heard if cancelled?

  • Grace

    Is beach music canceled tonight?

  • Stacy Zupancic Bateman

    Do email blasts or something go out if the show is cancelled due to rain?

  • Anna

    Is 7/11 show still on?

  • sheila

    is the show still on for the Shakers?

  • Phil

    Is the show still of for the Shakers? It is raining here in the North Hills area at 5PM. Will someone let us know

  • KD

    Is beach music still on for tonight?

  • AB

    Will CWB be playing tonight? Not sure about the weather.

  • USCarolina

    Im here and its still on, no rain :)

  • dano

    Is it raining at North Hills


    are the embers still on for tonight??!!!

  • Dwight Hedrick

    is there a make up evening 8/22/13

  • Lauren Walker

    Will there be music tonight?

  • stephanie samples

    Who is playing tonight @ Beach Music ?

  • Greg

    ‘SLEEPING BOOTY’ baby!!!!
    It’s going to be a funky, shaking that booty, gett’n down to the floor FUNK
    Put on your dancing shoes, It going to get all the LIVE!!!

  • jld

    when will the 2014 concert schedule be posted?

    • crr

      What jid said. when?

  • http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/directory/midtownevents/ Midtown Events

    The 2014 Midtown Beach Music schedule will be released the week of March 24th.

  • James


    • Tee

      Last year it was Right in front of the Movie Theater so I’m assuming it will be held in the same place

      • James


  • bill

    Is the Liquid Pleasure concert still on for 6;00pm tonight?

  • chaz

    can you bring your own cooler of beer?

  • John

    Has the concert with the North Tower Band been rescheduled or has it been moved indoors? If moved indoors, where?

  • Darren Cassidy

    I have the same question.. Is the concert still on or moved indoors?

  • Stephen
  • Denise

    Are The Embers playing tonight? I always forget about this concert series…but, not tonight! Thanks :-)

  • R

    Is it cancelled tonight because of weather?

  • Brittany

    Is beach music still going on? Tonight June 19?

  • Beach Bum

    Just a quick word of disappointment. I have been 4 times this year. Once rained out. Twice bands playing, like tonight, were not even close to beach music. North Hills needs to change the series name to sometimes beach music. Tonight was popular music at best even with rap(CRAP). Get with program. Don’t false advertise to get people to come and spend money buying dinner and then be disappointed!!! June 26th.

    • HRiley

      It’s a free concert….you don’t have to buy dinner. You must be a beach music fan to complain about free entertainment. Jackass.

  • jj

    Wow, thanks for hosting this great event! Last week we saw Ken Knox and Company, formally Chairmen of the Board, and they were Awesome!

  • fran

    Is it BYOB?

    • http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/directory/midtownevents/ Midtown Events

      There is a no cooler policy at the Midtown Beach Music Series and outside alcohol is not allowed; however, there are cold drinks for sale at the event.

  • Mike

    It would be helpful if a notification is put on the website if the concert is going to be cancelled. Last Thursday I visited this site to see if the concert was still on and not seeing anything cancelling drove an hour only to find the stage not up, but no other notice. There was at least a dozen others there expecting Jim Quick & Coastline. Many checked the web site as well

    • Caleb

      agreed. a rain announcement on the site would be nice.

    • http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/directory/midtownevents/ Midtown Events

      Cancellations will be posted on both our Twitter and Facebook pages.
      Twitter: @VisitNorthHills
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/visitnorthhills

      • Dwight Hedrick

        The radio is still a good media to let us know of
        cancellations …. 102.9 !!!! Especially, when it
        can be raining there and just fine elsewhere.

  • Nestor Garcia

    Will be there music tonight 07/10 ?

  • Carolyn Langley

    I keep hearing the concert is cancelled tonight due to storms starting at 5:45. Is that the case?

    • KC

      North Hills Raleigh




      .@TaxiTaxiRaleigh As of right now, #MidtownBeachMusic is still on! We’ll keep everyone updated via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

      • Carolyn Langley

        Awesome! ok great thank you :)

  • Brittany

    Still on?

  • Tricia

    Is North Tower still playing tonight (7/24)?

  • allie

    What time?

    • http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/directory/midtownevents/ Midtown Events


  • Freda Lynn Ruffin

    Can you bring your own chair?

    • http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/directory/midtownevents/ Midtown Events

      You sure can!

  • Beth

    The Embers are playing August 14th without Craig Woolard, correct?

  • Brett Speight

    Are pets allowed?

    • http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/directory/midtownevents/ Midtown Events

      Of course! Four legged friends are always welcome!

  • Renae

    Is it possible for different local bands to get in the lineup for 2015? If so what is the process? Than you

  • Dwight Hedrick

    What is the fan count for the Embers 8/14/14….??

  • B

    No event tonight?

  • http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/directory/midtownevents/ Midtown Events

    The 2014 Midtown Beach Music Series has ended for this year, but don’t worry. We will be kicking off the Friday Night Tributes music series in Midtown Park on August 29th! For event information, visit http://www.northhillsraleigh.com/event/friday-night-tributes/.