Sunday–Thursday:  11am–10:00pm
Friday–Saturday:  11am–11:00pm

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  • Chuy's Bar
  • Chuy's Dining
  • Chuy's Sign

Founded in Austin, Texas in 1982, Chuy’s owns and operates 43 full-service restaurants across eight states serving a distinct menu of authentic, made from scratch Tex-Mex inspired dishes. Chuy’s highly flavorful and freshly prepared fare is served in a fun, eclectic atmosphere, while each location offers a unique look and feel, as expressed by the concept’s motto “If you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s!”.

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  • Laura

    I can’t wait for Chuy’s to open! I moved here from Austin last year and have been going through Tex-Mex withdrawal. You have to try the boom boom sauce. Crazy good :)

  • David Switzer

    Displaced Central Texans unite!

  • Megan

    When in October? What will address be?

  • Sydney

    Come to me, Creamy jalepeno dip!

  • tom

    Can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this news!!! Great food, great margaritas and a reminder of the Hill Country. Now send me a Franklin’s BBQ and I’m set.

  • Karen

    Found my first Chuy’s in Nashville, it will be a great day for Raleigh. This place is awesome.

  • Laura

    Please put the address of these places in your site. The aerial vies of the city map is not helpful. The link opens up a map in google that gives map coordinates. Thanks!